SQL table join many-to-many very slow

Using PostgreSQL, I'm joining around 10 tables in a query, all of them being many-to-many relationships. The DB is still very small at the moment (hundreds of rows in total, all tables combined), but the query is extremely slow (1+ min processing time).

As every join multiplies the number of rows (joining 2 tables having 5 records each will yield 25 rows), the result quickly becomes huge with more than 300,000 rows. The query is in the following form :

select * from student_profile sp
  join student_profile_skills sps on sp.id = sps.student_profile_id
  join student_profile_hobby sph on sp.id = sph.student_profile_id
  --and other 8 similar joins
  where sp.id = 1;

The tables are straightforward (junction tables with 2 FKs). What's the recommended practice here ? Is it the query that has to be written in a more optimized way, or use separate queries ? Thx in advance !

Additional info :

CREATE TABLE student_profile
  id                       serial  NOT NULL,
  first_name               text    NOT NULL,
  last_name                text    NOT NULL,
  country_id               integer,
  city_id                  integer,
  faculty_id               integer,
  university_id            integer,
  degree_id                integer,
  degree_year              integer,
  created_at               timestamp with time zone NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
  updated_at               timestamp with time zone NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
  CONSTRAINT student_profile_pkey               PRIMARY KEY (id),
  CONSTRAINT student_profile_country_id_fkey    FOREIGN KEY (country_id)    REFERENCES country (id),
  CONSTRAINT student_profile_city_id_fkey       FOREIGN KEY (city_id)       REFERENCES city (id),
  CONSTRAINT student_profile_faculty_id_fkey    FOREIGN KEY (faculty_id)    REFERENCES faculty (id),
  CONSTRAINT student_profile_university_id_fkey FOREIGN KEY (university_id) REFERENCES university (id),
  CONSTRAINT student_profile_degree_id_fkey     FOREIGN KEY (degree_id)     REFERENCES degree (id)

CREATE TABLE student_profile_skill
  id                 serial                   NOT NULL,
  student_profile_id integer                  NOT NULL,
  skill_id           integer                  NOT NULL,
  position           integer                  NOT NULL,
  created_at         timestamp with time zone NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
  updated_at         timestamp with time zone NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
  CONSTRAINT student_profile_skill_pkey                    PRIMARY KEY (id),
  CONSTRAINT student_profile_skill_student_profile_id_fkey FOREIGN KEY (student_profile_id) REFERENCES student_profile (id),
  CONSTRAINT student_profile_skill_skill_id_fkey           FOREIGN KEY (skill_id)           REFERENCES skill (id),
  CONSTRAINT student_profile_skill_unique                  UNIQUE (student_profile_id, skill_id),
  CONSTRAINT student_profile_skill_position_unique         UNIQUE (student_profile_id, position)


The recommended practice in almost all many-to-many connections is to split them up to one-to-many/many-to-one. However, you have 1-to-many tables in a 3 way join that results in an insane amount of repeating records if your students have more than 1 skill/hobby.

Example of a 3 way join where you have 1 student with 2 skills and 1 hobby:

Student     Skill       Hobby  
Smith J.    Linguistic  Fishing  
Smith J.    Profiling   Fishing

I would suggest 1 of 2 options:

  1. Only select the values you need when you need them, (because I can't imagine you needing a table with both hobbies and skills. For instance: Separate views for hobbies and skills.
  2. Create a script for a temporary table where you write up all skills into 1 field and all hobbies into another. (You'll probably need to use cursors to build them, so keep in mind you don't want to rebuild them often).

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