Check Array Entries with Regex

I have an Array with one or more entries. Each one is a string (List of urls in open Tabs via Firefox SDK). I want to check if a specific url is already opened in some of the tabs (nothing special till now).

My problem is, that the url in tab list can have four diffrent fourms. For example:

Url I want to find in the tablist:

But the url can also look like this:

Of course the last part of the url (after /test/...) is always something diffrent. If I wasn't able to find one of the four urls in the tablist i want to call some other action.

My Solution till now is to build some if-chain:

if (res !== url1) {
  if (res !== url2) {
    if ...

But i thought there must be some more elegant way. Maybe via RegEx? I already have a capture to catch the first part (which stays the same with it four forms. But i dont know how to implent this probably.


var urls = ["","",""]
var filtered = urls.filter(function(url) 
       return url.indexOf("cf#") > -1 && url.endsWith("/test/de.html")

var contains = filtered.length > 0

If you want to use regex you can do this by using groups for the middle part, which is explained in detail here:

Practically, your regex would look something like that:


Where ... must be replaced by the middle parts of the url which differ. Note that | is "or" used to provide multiple possibilities within the group. The character / and . must be escaped since they have special roles in regex.

I hope that helps!

My English is not good,Do not fully understand what you mean,According to my idea,You should need a regular expression,Only to match the first.If I am wrong, please @ me.

I hope that helps!

var reg = /^https:\/\/cmsr\-author\.de\/cf#\/(?:\w+\/)+test\/de\.html$/gi;
var str1 = "";
var str2 = "";
var str3 = "";
var str4 = "";

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