displaying the angular get response in html table format in a div

I am working on angular-fullstack generator. I am getting the data in response of get request which is in form of integer values (1 ,2 5,6 134, 245 236,567 415,234 and so on) I want to show these values in my front end in form of html table with two columns that it will look like following

     col1  col2
       1    2
       5    6
      134   245 and so on 

below is my html div where i want to display it

 <div id="tabdata" >


My angular controller code for http get

$scope.getdata =function(){
$http.get("/getdata" ).success(function(response){

The table should be get adjusted according to the content coming from the response. Thanks in advance for reply.


Read about ng-repeat

Based on structure of your data, you could use something like

<tr ng-repeat="row in dataset">
    <td ng-repeat="cell in row">{{cell.value}}</td>

You could of course write your own directive, or if you know the incoming structure beforehand,specify cells accordingly (as to avoid nested repeat)

Tracking can be useful for larger datasets

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