Populate dropdown with JSON data using jquery & ajax

I was able to succesfully get data from database in json format from controller, this is how it looks:

        ["2","bhola the dealer"],
        ["3","bhola the dealer"]

the problem is that I am not able to pass json data into the dropdown list in view from the controller.

Model Code:

 public function getName(){

    //echo "<pre>";
    return $result;


Controller Code:

  public function dealer_list()
    $list = $this->person->getName();
    $ddata = array();

    foreach ($list as $person) {

        $row = array();

        $row[] = $person['dealerid'];
        $row[] = $person['dealername'];
        $ddata[] = $row;

    $output = array(

        "dealer" => $ddata,
    //output to json format

   echo json_encode($output);


View Code:

                   //get a reference to the select element
                        $select = $('#select');
                        //request the JSON data and parse into the select element
                            url: "<?php echo site_url('dealer_controller/dealer_list')?>"
                            , dataType: 'JSON'
                            , success: function (data) {
                                //clear the current content of the select
                                //iterate over the data and append a select option
                                $.each(data.dealer, function (key, val) {
                                    $select.append('<option id="' + val.id + '">' + val.name + '</option>');
                            , error: function () { <strong>
                                //if there is an error append a 'none available' option
                                $select.html('<option id="-1">none available</option>');


Your json output doesn't have the keys id or name for each dealer. Therefore val.id and val.name won't work.

In your Controller change:

$row[] = $person['dealerid'];
$row[] = $person['dealername'];


$row["id"] = $person['dealerid'];
$row["name"] = $person['dealername'];

This adds the keys id and name to the php array, and when converted to json should output something like the following:

{"dealer":[{"id": "1", "name": "himanshu"}, {...}]}

These can then be retrieved in your $.each with val.id and val.name


 $.each(data.dealer, function (index, item) {
            $('<option>', {
                value: item[0],
                text: item[1]
            }, '</option>'))

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