how to get Sum of Column total in rad grid footer

how to get Sum of Column total in rad grid footer.

I tried like

<telerik:GridNumericColumn UniqueName="Amount" DataField="Amount" HeaderText="Amount" FooterAggregateFormatString="{0}" DataType="System.Int32" Aggregate="Sum"> 


int total=0;
for (int i=0; i < list.size(); i++){
    total = total + list.get(i).price;
Log.e("sum of column", total + " - " );

According to their manual this should be working just fine

<telerik:GridNumericColumn UniqueName="Amount" DataField="Amount" HeaderText="Amount" DataFormatString="{0:C}" DataType="System.Double" Aggregate="Sum"> </telerik:GridNumericColumn>

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