Custom labels associated with a contact IOS OS X Contact Framework Swift

How do I access the read-only and/or mutable contact records pertaining to what I believe to be custom labeled relationship contact data?

For instance I have Daughter-In-Law, Husband or Son custom labels associated with a contact Do I need CNLabeledValue CNLabelContactRelationChild? What do I need to read these or get these custom labels from contact data?


Here is what I managed to do in order to assign a relation to a contact and be able to fetch it using the relation

var myNewContact = CNMutableContact()
let myRelation = CNContactRelation(name: "mommy")
let myMom = CNLabeledValue(label: CNLabelContactRelationMother, value: myRelation)

// add additional info to your contact such as name, email, family
// save your contact

let keysToFetch = [CNContactGivenNameKey, CNContactRelationsKey, CNContactEmailAddressesKey]    
let text =  "mommy"
    let request = CNContactFetchRequest(keysToFetch: keysToFetch)
        do {
            try store.enumerateContactsWithFetchRequest(request) {
                contact, stop in
                for var i = 0; i < contact.contactRelations.count; i++ {
                    if (contact.contactRelations[i].valueForKey("value")?.valueForKey("name")!)! as? String == text
        } catch let err{

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