Join three (3) MySQL tables

unfortunately i'm not that good as SQL and i'm trying to get a join between three tables done.

here's a rough simplified table structure:

links: id, url, description
categories: id, name, path
link_cat: link_id, cat_id

The select statement I'm aiming for should have, link.url, link.description,, categories.path

Where links and categories are matched via the link_cat table. I think that shouldn't be too hard as long as there's only one category for each link. This is what I'm assuming. If not it would be good to have another way that pulls multiple categories comma separated into the field.

I hope this is all understandable and doesn't sound too silly.


SELECT, links.url, links.description,, categories.path
FROM links
INNER JOIN link_cat ON = link_cat.links_id
INNER JOIN categories ON = link_cat.category_id

# Add each field you want to the select list
SELECT, link.url, link.description,, categories.path

# Add the "links" table to the list of tables to select from
FROM links

# Add the "link_cat" table, specify "link_id" as the common field
JOIN link_cat USING (link_id)

# Add the "categories" table specifying the "cat_id" as the common field
JOIN categories USING (cat_id)!9/6a81e/1

FROM links l
INNER JOIN link_cat lc
ON lc.link_id =
INNER JOIN categories c
ON lc.cat_id = 

SELECT, links.url, links.description,, categories.path
FROM links
INNER JOIN link_cat     ON link_cat.link_id =
INNER JOIN categories   ON link_cat.cat_id  =

SELECT, link.url, link.description,, categories.path
FROM link, categories, link_cat
WHERE = link_cat.link_id
    AND = link_cat.category_id

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