How to write text into a file with different font-sizes using Python?

How to write Text into a File using Python, where different parts of the Text has different font-size (Title, Sub-Title, content). How to place a picture in the file using Python?


Python is a programming language capable of manipulating text as variables. It does not provide a graphics engine to achieve what you are asking.

You need to decide which output format you want your file to be in, example: .html and then format the output as such.

For example, you can create a python file in html like this:

file_handle = open("test.html", "w+b")
html = "<h1>I am a big header</h1><h2>I am a smaller header</h2><h6>I am the smalles header</h6>"

Next, navigate to your folder and open test.html in any browser.

As for the images, I suggest you go to:


Good luck!

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