WebSocket to Ldap

I am trying to etablish a websocket connection to an ldap server. That I can simply send binary data to and receive binary data. But it fails on the handshake whatever I do.

var socket = new WebSocket("ws://ads.de:PORT")

Yours sincerely Skeec


Web sockets is a specific protocol, like HTTP, and it has "nothing" to do with a TCP/UPD socket. You cannot connect with web-sockets to an LDAP-server, let alone connect to a different domain without receiving the appropriate CORS http-headers (and the browser supporting CORS).

You need to write a proxy WebSocket server application so that you can communicate with the LDAP-directory. You cannot do it in JavaScript (unless you want to use an ActiveX object, which will be incompatible with non-Microsoft browsers (and newer Microsoft browsers).

You better do it with plain-old AJAX with an asynchronous handler. You don't need WebSockets for that, you're only wasting bandwidth.

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