Voting box (plus/minus, not star rating)

I'm looking for a voting script/widget (preferably jQuery), but not a star rating one, one with +1 and -1 options like this (admire my profesionnal MSPaint skills ^^) :

Anyone know about one ?

Thanks a lot !


you can do this using ajax.

Recommend you set up some ajax listener page and ping with some userID and vote (1,-1) or something along those lines.

This assumes you have a userID and login credentials etc. Or you can register it against their IP or something.



send the ajax listener, and then have the total vote count update when the ajax is complete (have your ajax listener echo back a string of data lets say): voteTotal=10~totalVote=95

Once you read this with ajax, split it with javascript: var split1=responseText.split("~"); var voteScore=split1[0]; var voteCount=split1[1];

not tested but this should work and complete what you are thinking.


$.ajax({ url: "ajaxTool.php?id="+idVariable, context: document.body, 
success: function(){

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