InterstitialAd is not recognized as a class of Android Studio and libgdx

I would like to add interstitial ads to my application , and I have done the following:

1. File -> Project Structure -> Ads: i have flag adMob

2. my

project(":android") {
    apply plugin: "android"
    apply plugin: ''

    configurations { natives }

    dependencies {
        compile project(":core")
        compile "com.badlogicgames.gdx:gdx-backend-android:$gdxVersion"
        natives "com.badlogicgames.gdx:gdx-platform:$gdxVersion:natives-armeabi"
        natives "com.badlogicgames.gdx:gdx-platform:$gdxVersion:natives-armeabi-v7a"
        natives "com.badlogicgames.gdx:gdx-platform:$gdxVersion:natives-x86"
        compile "com.badlogicgames.gdx:gdx-box2d:$gdxVersion"
        natives "com.badlogicgames.gdx:gdx-box2d-platform:$gdxVersion:natives-armeabi"
        natives "com.badlogicgames.gdx:gdx-box2d-platform:$gdxVersion:natives-armeabi-v7a"
        natives "com.badlogicgames.gdx:gdx-box2d-platform:$gdxVersion:natives-x86"
        compile ''

3. i have add the code from this tutorial

but i have the problem...when i add the library, don't work....:

I do not add the libraries to recognize the class ... how do I fix ?


Try adding the following:

dependencies {
    compile ''

to the bottom of build.gradle file in the android project (not the one under core project).

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