angular routing issue with custom mod folder

This is my routing code:

.when('/:mod/:page*/', {
      templateUrl: function($routeParams) {
          return 'pages/'+$routeParams.mod+'/' + $ + '.html';

if the url is


it will load html from pages/users/add.html

Now the issue is Say for example I have a list page list.html with list data

id - name        - action
1  - John        - Edit

When I now click on edit I need to go to the edit.html page as well as I need to pass and get the id to that html.

How can this be achievable ? Do I need to edit my routing ?

NOTE: I am using ng-route for routing.

assume edit.html has a separate controller and the list.html has a separate controller.

Let me know if you need more info.


You can pass id in the edit link

<a href="/edit/{{id}}">Edit</a>

.when('/edit/:id', {
  templateUrl: 'edit.html',
  controller: 'EditController',

app.controller('EditController', function($routeParams) {

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