how to use sinch to call app-to-phone?

i am trying to use sinch iOS SDK to make an app-to-phone call. when I get clientDidStart I make a call to sinchCallClient.callPhoneNumber("+46000000000") (calling the test number provided by sinch) but I never get to the callDidEstablish or any of the error callbacks either (keep waiting for function call to end). I see these log messages:

( BuiltInAGCIsAvailable: Not supported on this platform (area - webrtc. severity - Warn.)

Use of audio session mode is disabled. (area - audiosession. severity - Trace.)

from the sinch documentation it seems i'm not supposed to manage AVAudioSession, it's taken care of by the SDK.

am i missing something? what do i need to do for the call to be established?

i'll mention also that i'm writing in Swift and i'm pretty new to iOS development.


turns out I was actually setting the call delegate in the wrong place. thanks anyway!

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