How to get current min and max value in RangeSeekBar in android?

I am using RangeSeekBar but i am not able to get updated current min and max value.


Here is the code

// create RangeSeekBar as Integer range between 20 and 75
RangeSeekBar<Integer> seekBar = new RangeSeekBar<Integer>(20, 75, context);
seekBar.setOnRangeSeekBarChangeListener(new OnRangeSeekBarChangeListener<Integer>() {
        public void onRangeSeekBarValuesChanged(RangeSeekBar<?> bar, Integer minValue, Integer maxValue) {
                // handle changed range values
                Log.i(TAG, "User selected new range values: MIN=" + minValue + ", MAX=" + maxValue);

Assuming that you are using RangeSeekBar Lib. Use the code below to get the minimum and maximum values::

mSeekBar.setOnRangeSeekBarChangeListener(new OnRangeSeekBarChangeListener<Integer>() {

                    public void onRangeSeekBarValuesChanged(
                            RangeSeekBar<?> bar, Integer minValue,
                            Integer maxValue) {
                        Log.d(LOG_TAG, "Min: "+minValue);
                        Log.d(LOG_TAG, "Max: "+maxValue);

Hope this helps :)

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