How to set a footer with transparency in Android

All I want to do is to set a footer on my app. What I have now is something like this:

What I have now

Its just a XML with a ImageView under a List View.

And what I want is that:

What I want

My image already have transparency... The problem should be that I dont know a way to "Get a view under a view"


Use a FrameLayout parent to contain both views. Make the ListView fill the parent. Make the ImageView anchor to the bottom of the parent with layout_gravity="bottom" and fill parent horizontally.

Make sure the ImageView is defined after the ListView so it will appear on top.

If i get you right, you have an imageView with transparent background but the canvas that the image is painted on has a white background.

So basically you just need to make sure that in the image view you give add the image with "src:" property.

and for transparent background use:


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