BASH to BATCH java

There's this BASH file:

set -eu
DIR=`dirname $0`
java $HEAP_SIZE -cp $CLASSPATH something.something2 "$@"

That I want to turn into a .bat file to run on windows This is what I have so far:

set DIR = %cd%
set JAR = DIR/myjar.jar
set CLASSPATH = %JAR%:./
set HEAP_SIZE = -size
java %HEAP_SIZE% -cp %CLASSPATH% something.something2

How would I complete it to have the same behavior as the bash file?


%CD% can work, but your bash script seems to be setting the directory based off the path of the script (i.e., argument in $0) and not the current directory. To use the same directory as the batch file, you use %~dp0.

You missed % around your DIR variable when you wanted to expand the value.

You shouldn't have spaces around equal signs in your set statements.

The equivalent of $@ in batch is %*.

You should quote your %CLASSPATH%. On Windows you are much more likely to encounter paths with spaces in them.

set "DIR=%~dp0"
set "JAR=%DIR%/myjar.jar"
set "CLASSPATH=%JAR%:./"
set "HEAP_SIZE=-size"
java %HEAP_SIZE% -cp "%CLASSPATH%" something.something2 %*

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