HTML email issue on forwarding

I am wanting to forward an HTML email I had created so that the users can edit some text and forward themselves in Outlook. However when I forward it, I am getting some space added by Outlook when its being forwarded.

Iin the image attached, the side with the gray background (marked 2) is the gap I am talking about. The other part of the image (marked 1) is the original HTML received.

I had a look at the other newsletters I receive from companies and a couple have this issue too when I forward it. But some do not but I cannot work out why.

Many thanks for any help.


In generel, all forwarding of html email will destroy our code because it uses Word rendering engine. Outlook will add a ton of styles/spaces/tags you can't control. When forwarding a mail in Outlook, make sure to sent it as an attachment, then the styles will be intact.

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