UWP Deploy app remotely

Is it possible to build a Universal Windows Application for platform ARM and deploy it remotely, without cable connection? Like Android app, that have file applicationname.apk that you can send via internet, download to SD card and install from it.


You can sideload apps, and also update/deploy it through the Store. Those are your options basically.

For sideloading, you can only do this to developer-enabled phones:


Need Your Help

Exporting MS Access Forms and Class / Modules Recursively to text files?

vba ms-access ado dao jet

I found some code on an ancient message board that nicely exports all of the VBA code from classes, modules and forms (see below):

Tabs vs Space indentation


If you read any coding style guide, there is a big chance you will see a recommendation on using spaces instead of tabs for indentation. Some guides explicitly say: never use tabs.