C# - Concatenate inside a loop

Is it possible to concatenate inside a C# loop? Below is my sample code:

 for (int i = 0; i <= metricCount; i++)
      if (m.metrictNumber == i)
         aggrgt.Add(new PlainBrgDataSummaryChartAggrgt
            scoreWk6 = scoresPerDuration.scoresPerDuration.scoreWk6.metricScore1,
            scoreWk5 = scoresPerDuration.scoresPerDuration.scoreWk5.metricScore1,
            scoreWk4 = scoresPerDuration.scoresPerDuration.scoreWk4.metricScore1,
            scoreWk3 = scoresPerDuration.scoresPerDuration.scoreWk3.metricScore1,
            scoreWk2 = scoresPerDuration.scoresPerDuration.scoreWk2.metricScore1,
            scoreWk1 = scoresPerDuration.scoresPerDuration.scoreWk1.metricScore1



What I want is to concatenate metricScore1.

Here's what I tried:

scoreWk6 = scoresPerDuration.scoresPerDuration.scoreWk6.metricScore + i,

Is that possible?


You cannot. If you see numbers in variable names, it's probably wrong. Numbering your variables means you should have used a container type. Either an array or a list or anything else that supports going through it with a loop index or foreach.

So the answer is no. No, you cannot. You should change the types holding your data.

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