Receive data on server side with django-websocket-redis?

I'm working with django-websocket-redis lib, that allow establish websockets over uwsgi in separated django loop. By the documentation I understand well how to send data from server through websockets, but I don't understand how to receive.

Basically I have client and I want to send periodically from the client to server status. I don't understand what I need to do, to handle receiving messages from client on server side? What URL I should use on client?


You can achieve that by using periodically ajax calls from client to server. From documentation:

A client wishing to trigger events on the server side, shall use XMLHttpRequests (Ajax), as they are much more suitable, rather than messages sent via Websockets. The main purpose for Websockets is to communicate asynchronously from the server to the client.

Unfortunately I was unable to find the way to achieve it using just websocket messages.

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