Java 8 Streams to filter by average greater than oldest element

I am trying to filter a bunch of person's in a city such that average of their ages is greater than the age of the person who has the oldest created_at timestamp in the database.

I am doing something like the below,

LinkedBlockingDeque<Person> allAges = null;
LinkedBlockingDeque<Person> filteredAges = new LinkedBlockingDeque<Person>();

allAges = ageStorage.getAllAgesByCityOrderByInsertionTime("city A");

And the getFirstInsertedAgeGreaterThanAverage is as follows,

private static Predicate<Integer> getFirstInsertedAgeGreaterThanAverage(LinkedBlockingDeque<Person> personList){
    return p -> ( >

I guess there is something not so right here but not sure what...Is there a way this could be done without the getFirstInsertedAgeGreaterThanAverage method


It's not clear from your question which exactly subset you want. Including only one person with the maximal age (or nothing if it happens to be the first one) is the a valid answer. So I assume that you want to get the maximal possible such subset. As @tobias_k noticed, this could be solved sorting the input by age, decreasing, and select the longest prefix for which the average do not exceed the limit.

Unfortunately this cannot be solved in single Stream using standard Stream API. A possible solution might look like this:

public static List<Person> maxSubSetWithGreaterAverage(Collection<Person> persons,
        int averageLimit) {
    List<Person> list = new ArrayList<>(persons);
    // Sort people by age, decreasing
    // get all the ages
    int[] ages =;
    // transform them to cumulative sums
    Arrays.parallelPrefix(ages, Integer::sum);
    // Find the longest prefix for which the cumulative sum is bigger
    // than average
    int length = IntStream.range(0, ages.length)
            .filter(count -> ages[count] <= averageLimit * (count + 1)).findFirst()
    // return the corresponding subList
    return list.subList(0, length);


List<Person> filtered = maxSubSetWithGreaterAverage(allAges, 

However without using Stream API and parallelPrefix the solution looks better, works faster and eats less memory:

public static List<Person> maxSubSetWithGreaterAverage(Collection<Person> persons,
        int averageLimit) {
    List<Person> list = new ArrayList<>(persons);
    int cumulativeAge = 0;
    for(int i=0; i<list.size(); i++) {
        cumulativeAge += list.get(i).getAge();
        if(cumulativeAge <= averageLimit * (i + 1) )
            return list.subList(0, i);
    return list;

Using my StreamEx library it's possible to define custom intermediate operation which will perform the necessary filtering in single Stream, though this requires advanced magic:

public static <T> UnaryOperator<StreamEx<T>> takeWhileAverageGreater(
        ToIntFunction<? super T> keyExtractor, int averageLimit) {
    return s -> takeWhileAverageGreater(
            keyExtractor, 0L, 0L, averageLimit);

private static <T> StreamEx<T> takeWhileAverageGreater(StreamEx<T> input,
        ToIntFunction<? super T> keyExtractor, long count, long cumulativeSum,
        int averageLimit) {
    return input.headTail((head, tail) -> {
        // head is the first element, tail is the Stream of the rest
        // update current sum
        long newSum = cumulativeSum + keyExtractor.applyAsInt(head);
        // short-circuit via null if the limit is reached
        // otherwise call myself for the tail prepending with head
        return newSum <= averageLimit * (count + 1) ? null :
           takeWhileAverageGreater(tail, keyExtractor, count + 1, newSum, averageLimit)

Now new takeWhileAverageGreater operation can be used like this:

List<Person> filtered = StreamEx.of(allAges)
        .chain(takeWhileAverageGreater(Person::getAge, allAges.peekFirst().getAge()))

The result is the same.

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