PostgreSQL replace range of unicode chars

I have some problems with characters not allowed in XML-export. The request is simply to remove the invalid characters from the text to ensure corrext export/import of data.

so far, thanks to this post I have an sql statement which replaces one declared Unicode char:

UPDATE mytable SET myproperty = replace(myproperty, U&'\UNICODE', '');

It removes the specified Unicode from all occurrences inside the defined cell. But I would like to give a bunch of Unicode chars to be replaced, eg. 0x1 - 0xf Does anybody have an idea how to achieve that?


Use TRANSLATE to remove multiple characters:

TRANSLATE(myproperty, 'list of characters', '');

Normally it's used to replace characters, but if the replacement string is empty it's removing them.


Of course you can also use a regular expression, this allows ranges of characters:

regexp_replace(myproperty, '[\u0041-\u0043a]', '', 'g')

Adding the 'g' flag to replace all occurrences...

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