Table with no options Issue

Would be grateful if anyone could provide clarification on below issue related to tables.

Issue1: Here is a SPA with table plunker1: (View Tab2, pick a date and submit for the table to generate) This is fine and I have included the same in other plunker2: (View Tab2,again click on tab2, pick a date and submit for the table to generate), but I couldn't get the calendar when clicked on it and after clicking on submit the table is not displayed with options as search, refresh, toggle. Why is this so? Have I included script files in a wrong way?


As for the first bit why date time picker is not working:

I see that you have included the angular.js CDN twice in line 9 and in line 22.

The version of second angular <script data-require="angular.js@1.1.x" src="" data-semver="1.1.5"></script> is 1.1.5 and

$validators is only valid from version 1.3 which is pointing correcting in your first CDN line 9 .

So just remove your second CDN from line 22 and your date time picker should work. This should even fix the display of table options such as search, refresh, toggle

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