Setting default make options for Qt Creator?

How can i override default make parameters , which is:

make -w

Each time i create a project , i had to modify project settings , adding -j4 to make parameters.

Can i set make -w -j4 by default ?


The best way to do this is setting MAKEFLAGS environment variable , i'm picking the only answer as the best only to shut this thread down.

To set this for UNIX, modify the *.desktop file of Qt Creator , prefix the line entitled Exec= with env MAKEFLAGS=-j4 , but be aware that you won't be able to cease building in QtCreator immediately after setting to multithread.


In the qtcreator go to the "Projects tab" and set "Make arguments" as you like:

To make it global and permanent go to

Tools > Options > Build & Run > Kits > (pick your toolchain) 

and fill your predefined env settings: MAKEFLAGS=-j4

If you want -jx parameter to be default each time you create a new or open some project, you must add enviroment variable MAKEFLAGS to your system with value -jx.

For example, at ubuntu for 8 - threding compilation this options can be realized by adding


to /etc/enviroments

Result will be:

After attempting implement the fix described in the question I eventually found the following (clearly this in only a solution to linux's that use the freedesktop concept of .desktop files):

The line in "/usr/local/share/applications/Nokia-QtCreator.desktop" was:

Exec=/opt/qtcreator-2.5.2/bin/ %F

I changed it to:

Exec=env MAKEFLAGS=-j16 /opt/qtcreator-2.5.2/bin/ %F

And got the functionality requested in the question.

Ok, I have no idea why following the instructions in the question I didn't get there but I didn't. I hope this explanation will help someone.

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