Definition of static remote methods and their method signatures in Loopback

From the loopback documentation it states that:

Both beforeRemote() and afterRemote() have the same signature; below syntax uses beforeRemote but afterRemote is the same. For static remote methods, including custom remote methods:

modelName.beforeRemote( methodName, function(ctx, next) { ...

The documentation then goes on to say ...

Static methods have URL /api/modelName/methodName, while prototype methods have URL /api/mod elName/id/methodName.

Elsewhere, an example is provided

module.exports = function(Review) {
  Review.beforeRemote('create', function(context, user, next) {
    var req = context.req; =;
    req.body.publisherId = req.accessToken.userId;
}); };

Based on the above documentation ... I would expect that create would be a static method and therefore only have two arguments (but yet in this example above, and in practice, beforeRemote for create has three arguments.

Is there a different definition or a list of a static methods available?


I think this is an error in the documentation, since PersistedModel.create is a static method.

A list of static and instance methods is in the reference docs:

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