Variables in wget post data

I am working on a simple bash script to download images from the website Tumblr. The idea is to use read to get login info from the user, and wget --post-data to log in, and this is what I have:

read -p "Tumblr login email: " EMAIL
read -p "Tumblr login password: " PASSWRD
wget --user-agent=Mozilla/5.0 --save-cookies cookies.txt --post-data 'email=$EMAIL&password=$PASSWRD' --no-check-certificate

However, it is sending "$EMAIL" and "$PASSWRD" instead of the strings for the variables, is there any way to get it to send values that have been inputted by the user?



--post-data 'email=$EMAIL&password=$PASSWRD'



bash manual about Quoting:

important: Do not use :

--header="Content-Type: text/xml" 

together with --post-data. It will override

--header="Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" 

issued by wget. Post-data will not be received by HttpServlet

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