Convert Object to JSON string

jQuery.parseJSON('{"name":"John"}') converts string representation to object but I want the reverse. Object is to be converted to JSON string I got a link but it need to have json2.js do jQuery has a native method to do this?


jQuery does only make some regexp checking before calling the native browser method window.JSON.parse(). If that is not available, it uses eval() or more exactly new Function() to create a Javascript object.

The opposite of JSON.parse() is JSON.stringify() which serializes a Javascript object into a string. jQuery does not have functionality of its own for that, you have to use the browser built-in version or json2.js from

JSON.stringify() is available in all major browsers, but to be compatible with older browsers you still need that fallback.

Also useful is Object.toSource() for debugging purposes, where you want to show the object and its properties for debugging purposes. This is a generic Javascript (not jQuery) function, however it only works in "modern" browsers.

Convert JavaScript object to json data

  var formData = $("form").serializeArray(); // Create array of object
  var jsonConvertedData = JSON.stringify(formData);  // Convert to json

You can validate json data using

You can use the excellent jquery-Json plugin:

Makes it easy to convert to and from Json objects.

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