Using a custom image marker on google static map?

how to have custom image marker on google static map, i need url format:

this is what i have tried, but its having default marker image,82.97391440000001,&zoom=15&markers=25.3176452,82.97391440000001|25.3176452,82.97391440000001&path=color:0x0000FF80|weight:5|25.3176452,82.97391440000001&size=175x175&sensor=TRUE_OR_FALSE


This is what you want:|34.052230,-118.243680

for a custom image, put the icon:url after of markers...





a result of my example

For more information check google maps api, there are more information like size, markers position, center map, map type... etc.

*If the icon, img, don't appear it will be the size of image, try with another size,less than 64x64 px, format of image, "GIF, JPEG and PNG", the documentation recommend "PNG", if it doesn't appear check permision of image for public request(external request)...

According to the documentation you can specify custom icons like so:


e.g. amending your URL:,82.97391440000001,&zoom=15&markers=icon:|25.3176452,82.97391440000001&path=color:0x0000FF80|weight:5|25.3176452,82.97391440000001&size=175x175

Gives you:

PS: the sensor parameter is no longer required.

PPS: also you seemed to have specified the same coordinates twice in your markers parameter, so it was actually drawing two markers on the same location.

You can add an image in the marker:

var campaign_map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("campaign_map_canvas"), mapOptions);

    var selected_marker = new google.maps.Marker({
        position: position,
        map: campaign_map,
        icon: 'path/to/image'


EDIT You can use the following:

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