Is it possible to read from a pivot table using java program?

I would like to know if it's possible to read the pivot table using any existing APIs such as POI. I know there are some limitations regarding reading / changing the values of the cell, but I want to know at which extent we can read the sub content of the cell?

Has anyone tried this before? Are the documentations of POI V3.13 updated on this topic?

I see a lot of questions about pivot table creation, but not reading.

Thanks for your help.


You can read existing PivotTables in XLSX workbooks using XSSFSheet.getPivotTables().

If the XSSFPivotTable class doesn't have the methods you need, consider developing the functionality that you need and contribute back the patches for the new code, unit tests, example code, and/or documentation.

The latest documentation is generated from the trunk.

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