How to use ESC/POS Commands for QR-Code Print Greater then 100 Characters?

I Have use (PT-280)Ble Printer.

i Have alrady QR-Code Print Less Then 100 Character.Sucessfully.

i Have not able to Print QR-Code for Greater than 100 Characters..

i Have use ESC/Pos Commands for QR-Code Print.

This is my Code:

NSString *content = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"To download the free app Google Translate by Google, Inc., get iTunes now. ... Google translate is very useful application. ... It is a very nice app as it translates the whole text immediately."];

int store_len = (int )content.length + 3;
int pl = (store_len % 256);

[escCmd addPrintMode: 0x1d];

[escCmd addQRCodeSizewithpL:0 withpH:0 withcn:49 withyfn:67 withn:10];
[escCmd addQRCodeLevelwithpL:0 withpH:0 withcn:49 withyfn:69 withn:51];
[escCmd addQRCodeSavewithpL:pl withpH:0 withcn:49 withyfn:80 withm:48 withData:[content dataUsingEncoding:NSASCIIStringEncoding]];
[escCmd addQRCodePrintwithpL:3 withpH:pl+3 withcn:49 withyfn:81 withm:48];


There might be any limitation of QR code. I found Gprinter app on AppStore, and it works with my PT-280, but when I try to make QR code, there is a description like this ' put 1 - 60 character'.

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