Instagram API Permission Declined - invalid use case?

We recently created a web-app that invites local highschool sports fans to share their favorite moments from local sporting events.

We allow users to upload photos and videos, from their device, from facebook, and instagram. Later these photos and videos are voted on by web visitors, and the school that hosts the "winning moment", gets a prize.

Instagram declined our request for api permissions. They said it was an invalid use-case: "Invalid Use Case: The use case described in your submission notes, screencast and website is not a valid use case that we allow on our Platform. Please see our Permissions Review and valid use cases description for more information."

I did this, and it seems to be a valid use-case, "to help individuals share their own content with 3rd party apps".

..they otherwise refer me to stackoverflow to ask questions. Maybe I explained the use-case incorrectly in my application?

Does anyone know why this application would be denied? ..or how I might better explain our use case so that they will see that it is valid and approve our request?


Its Instagram tightening the ratchets to enable more traffic to their service - which in turn ups the all important $ flow.

According to this: I'd consider you a broadcaster / publisher & so you can only manually embed the photos:

Its basically restricting you from using Instagram content without the user visiting the Instagram site & being presented with an ad from Instagram. You are in essence creating an alternative social media experience which pulls eyeballs away from their service.

Think of it similar to Msft predatory behaviour in the 90's!

Keep looking, but I understand that the answer is basically no - go get your own users! step forward, two steps...

Recently had the same issue and was able to resolve it by reapplying and selecting use case 3 rather than 1.

We were applying for embedded Instagram user feeds. It matches up with this part of their use case "we're helping broadcasters to share media using proper attribution".

I was surprised they didn't just say to me that it's better suited to 3 in the original submission. That response is definitely automated and seems like they have to reject applications based on some internal guidelines. So don't be too put off, it's worth another submission.

Instagram is not going to gain from this in the long run. Almost making it impossible to create stuff around Instagram will make developers look elsewhere.

Or... Do it without their consent. It's like Music Industry saying "We won't go digital... Let's fight it"... See how well that went...

Instagram have just explained/changed their use cases. The killer for your application, my application and many others is that user case 2 and 3 now state that all people apart from brand owners/advertisers (case 2) and publishers (case 3) must be locked out by the application. Thus the use case is more about who is using it than what they do with it.

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