View SSRS reports in SharePoint 2007 and prevent caching

Our SharePoint 2007 system currently does not have any SSRS Web parts available. The problem is that when using a Web Viewer Part, reports are being cached by the page. I cannot remember if the SSRS Web Parts have a no-caching setting and which web parts should be installed to veiw reports on a SharePoint page.

I found several possibilities on Microsofts web sites, but I would like to know if anyone has had success installing the web parts on MOSS 2007 and exacly which web parts you did use. I know you can download the old SSRS 2005 web parts and I believe that they work on MOSS 2007. But would the SharePoint SSRS Add-ins solve the problem? The system is not currently set up to use SSRS Integration and this is not an option.

Thanks in advance, doug


Here is a direct step by step explanation of what you may need to do:

Note that you can do this on your existing Sharepoint site with no issues at all- it's just an add-in, once you install/configure it, you should be able to add the web parts necessary as explained above.

I hope this helps!

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