gRPC on React Native

I've been working with iOS for a while now, and I'm experiementing with React Native. An obstacle I've come accross is how I can incorporate my gRPC endpoints into React Native, or if that fundamentally is possible. I've tried simply adding the generated node.js code from gRPC in to no avail.

The last answer I got was from last year here.


The Node.js gRPC library uses a native extension written in C++ to do most of the work. The Linking Libraries page in the React Native documentation seems to indicate that such a library can be used on iOS, as long as you link it into your app directly with the rnpm tool.

Alternatively, you may be able to use the Objective C gRPC library by following the Native Modules guide in the React Native documentation.

I'm not sure whether I should duplicate my own answer, so, please take a look at a potential pure-JavaScript solution at:

Implement gRPC in an iOS React Native app

Maybe the above could ease having to link native code and still be cross-platform.

I am working on gRPC generator tool which will automatically generate Swift/Java proxies

Currently it is already generating Swift Unary calls services. Example

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