Disable entire form elements with respect to a state. React

I am disabling the inputs using the isFetching prop, but this is getting reduntant as I have to keep this in every input field. Is there a way to disable the entire form? Like a disable property in <form> tag or something?

  <input type="text" disabled={this.props.isFetching} />
  <input type="text" disabled={this.props.isFetching} />


I think this should solve your problem https://stackoverflow.com/a/17186342/3298693.

You should insert your form inside an element <fieldset disabled="disabled">. This will make the whole form disabled.

I had the same issue and this worked for me:

 <fieldset disabled={true}>

Where true would be some "prop.setting"...

Just use <input type="text" disabled> wherever you want the input text to be disabled. It hardly takes some time.

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