I can't figure out why a link seems to be returning false when clicked - will Console help?

I have a pop-up window in a web app that allows you to edit details of a job. You can also click a link to cancel/delete that job. But when I click that link right now after making some edits to it, nothing happens.

It behaves as if javascript was targeting it with "return: false;" so it does nothing. The URL is correct. How can I check if there is JS intercepting my click event, and where it's doing that? Can Console do that? I'm not sure how if so.



In firebug you can debug your javascript code with:

console.log('text and '+variables);

You can click the console tab in firebug and see values. you can add a console.log line within your click handler to see if it's even getting inside the handler.

chrome's developer tools will list all handlers registered for an event on an element. i don't know of any other tools that provide this info.

Firebug is an invaluable tool for helping you debug javascript / coding javascript applications. I would suggest installing it to see what your error is etc.

Alternatively, Firefox has an Error Console, which you can view Javascript errors as well.

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