mobi.monaca.plugins.MonacaBackend not included in the custom monaca debugger

I am getting the error "The following plugins are not included in the debugger." The plugin name is "mobi.monaca.plugins.MonacaBackend" .But Monaca back-end is working. I am not getting why only this plugin not adding in the debugger.Kindly please let me know here.


That is just the behavior of the default debugger app. To have that go away, you need to use the Custom Build Debugger. More information can be found here:

Long and the short of it though, it adds all the plugins you have associated to your project.

That's actually a UI bug. mobi.monaca.plugins.MonacaBackend will never be included in the custom debugger but the debugger should not display it's missing. We will fix this soon.

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