Python : how to get the text in <li> using BeautifulSoup

Here is the html file I am going to handle:

<ul class="canTouch" data-com="hrefTo,href:'/movie/246286?_v_=yes'">
    <li class='c1'>
        <b>Important text</b>
        <br><em>useless text </em><em style="margin-left: .1rem">useless text</em>
    <li class="c2 ">
    <li class="c3 ">19.7%</li>
    <li class="c4 ">19.6%</li>
    <li class="c5 ">
        <span style="margin-right:-.1rem">8.6%</span>
        <span style="padding-right:.24rem" class="_more"></span>

There are many ul tags in the file, and here is my code:

for ul in soup.find_all('ul')[3:]:
for elem in lis:

I don't want the useless text in the em tags of the li but I need the important text in the b tag:

<li class='c1'>
    <b>Important text</b>
    <br><em>useless text<em style="margin-left: .1rem">useless text</em>

What should I do?


The change is going to be trivial, replace:




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