Generate from two ruby arrays an appropriate JSON output

I have two simple ruby arrays and a JSON string mapping the elements of the first array to the elements of the second array:

keys = [:key0, :key1, :key2]
values = [:value0, :value1, :value2]

jsonString = {keys[0] => values[0], keys[1] => values[1], keys[2] => values[2]} 

Writing this to a file:


results into a nicely printed json object:

    "key0": "value0",
    "key1": "value1",
    "key2": "value2"

But how can I generate the same output of two much bigger arrays without listing all these elements explicitly?

I just need something like

jsonString = {keys => values}

but this produces a different output:

    "[:key0, :key1, :key2]":

How can I map the two without looping over both?


Use Array#zip to make pairs of values and then make hash of them:

keys = [:key0, :key1, :key2]
values = [:value0, :value1, :value2]
Hash[ values]
# => {:key0=>:value0, :key1=>:value1, :key2=>:value2}

array =
#=> [[:key0, :value0], [:key1, :value1], [:key2, :value2]]

Array#zip merges elements of self to the corresponding elements of the argument array and you get an array of arrays. This you can convert into a hash ...

hash = array.to_h
# => {:key0=>:value0, :key1=>:value1, :key2=>:value2}

... and the hash you can turn into a json string.

jsonString = JSON.pretty_generate(hash)
puts jsonString
#  "key0": "value0",
#  "key1": "value1",
#  "key2": "value2"

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