Pre fill and submit a form in in a view with AngularJS

I have this very simplified AangularJS app. It is working very well.

Now, I need to fill some fields and submit the form directly from the view, without user interaction.

Here's the Javascript code (once again, simplified and I removed many other elements)

    function FormController($scope,APIService) {
        $scope.result ="";
        $ = { keywords: "",
                          term: "-1",
                          subject: "-1"};
        $scope.searchNow = function() {
        } // $scope.searchNow


    function getResults($http) {
        var results = {};
        url = "...";

        results.searchResults = function() {
            var lurl = url + "a=s";
            return $http( {method: "JSONP", url:lurl} );
        } // results.searchResults

        results.getTheResults = function(scope) {
            var lurl = url;
             method: 'POST',
                    var theResponse;
                    theResponse = eval(lresponse);
                    scope.mydata =[0]
                .error( function(data,status) {
                    scope.result = status;
        } // results.getTheResults
        return results;
    } // function getResults($http)


Try using form method post. So change your form tag to:

<form id="search_form" name="search_form" ng-submit="searchNow()" method="post">

As described in this chapter at w3schools, when using post method the data will not be shown in the url.

"POST offers better security because the submitted data is not visible in the page address."

Solved: I noticed that the page was trying to submit the form too quickly. First, I set a timer to 5 seconds after the form loaded and then call the click function of the submit button. Then, I just used a window.unload function to be called when the entire DOM is created:

window.onload = function(){ document.getElementById('submit-button').click(); };

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