Error when loading an .mat file using R

I try to load a .mat file using the R.matlab library. When I run:

 x <- readMat("MPL.mat")

I get this error however.

Error in mat5ReadTag(this) : 
 Unknown data type. Not in range [1,19]: 18569
In addition: Warning message: 
In readMat5Header(this, firstFourBytes = firstFourBytes) :
Unknown MAT version tag: 512. Will assume version 5.

Anybody who experienced this and has a way to deal with this?

Im familiar with this post: R.matlab/readMat : Error in readTag(this) but alternatives ways didnt work for me...


The problem is related to how is saved your "MPL.mat". If you save by default in MATLAB, it probably won't work using R.matlab in R.

When I saved my .mat object in '-v7' or '-v6' i did not have problems, but the R.matlab documentation suggest to save in '-v6' (Pag.25 in R.matlab package). For example, I saved 2 matrices (A and B) in 'MPL.mat'.

save('MPL.mat','A', 'B', '-v7')

I could read in R:

data <- readMat("MPL.mat")

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