Rerun specific build on jenkins

I have a project on Jenkins configured to build when a tag like vXX.XX.XX is created on my repository and publish it to my QA.

Case: - I publish a tag; - My cooworker publish another tag; - I need to republish my version; - Even if I add new tag on my branch(not cool), there is no changes and Jenkins don't build.

I try to use Rebuild Plugin, but it publish the last tag even if a select my build.

PS: I don't want to add fake commit with white space.


You can change the Jenkins job so that in addition of checkout the branch and publish HEAD of it, it will get from the post-receice-hook the tag that been pushed as a job parameter and then will perform git checkout for the tag and publish it to. In that way you'll be able to 'rebuild' the build with your tag.

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