Changing Font Colour and making text bold in TCL

Is it possible to change colour of text and make it bold from TCL script and output it in console/terminal?

I found this on example on the forum but I get following error:

ERROR: couldn't execute "tput": no such file or directory procedure "color" line 4:

Wondered if someone can advise.

Thanks in advance,

Example from reference post (see link above), example provided by Donal Fellows

proc color {foreground text} {
    # tput is a little Unix utility that lets you use the termcap database
    # *much* more easily...
    return [exec tput setaf $foreground]$text[exec tput sgr0]

puts "Why not [color 4 G][color 1 o][color 3 o][color 4 g][color 2 l][color 1 e] first?"
# Hmm, that's clearer than using those escapes directly too!


tput is a linux command which is part of the ncurses package. if you are not using any linux flavours OR ncurses package is not installed properly- you will get this error. So if you are using

linux- check ncurses library is installed or not.


Its better use twapi package.

Install twapi.

teacup install twapi

Try below in tclsh.

# Import package twapi
package require twapi

# Get handler of console
set hndl [twapi::get_console_handle stdout]

# Set console foreground color to red
twapi::_set_console_default_attr $hndl fgred 1

Refer this link1link2

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