curl - add variable in url batch programming

I have a batch file where I have a variable which prints date in YYYYMMDD - 20160403

for /F "usebackq tokens=1,2 delims==" %%i in (`wmic os get LocalDateTime /VALUE 2^>NUL`) do if '.%%i.'=='.LocalDateTime.' set ldt=%%j
set ldt=%ldt:~0,4%%ldt:~4,2%%ldt:~6,2%
echo Local date is %ldt%

then I am downloading a file which has the date a the end of the url

curl "" -o file-name-%ldt%.txt

where %ldt% has the date for eg: 20160403

but now I am not able to print the date. Any suggesstions ?


%date% is an internal windows variable. It is not wise to overwrite it. Use another variable name (for example %myDate%).

By the way: you can restore the original windows variable by (no joke) deleting it: set "date="

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