Using regex in find/replace

I am working on a nodejs/express project which have a deprecated way of accessing request parameters :

req.param('parameter') instead of the valid req.params.parameter.

There is a lot of occurence in the project and I need to fix it. My question is how can I do to find the string's start "req.param('" until the string's end "')", extract parameter from the result, and then replace to have req.params.parameter ?


NOTE : Following the validated answer, to reverse this replace pattern, use :

(req\.params\.)([^; \n]+)


In the find and replace box (ctrl+h) you can insert as the search regex:


and replace it with


Explanation: The first group (req\.param) is accessed via $1 and you could also change it to match more prefixes. Afterwards open a paren and a string. In the second group ([^']+) everything except a string closing char is matched. And afterwards the string and the paren is closed.

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