variable interpolation in shell

This is probably a very basic question but for some reason I seem to be over looking the obvious.

I have a variable called filepath=/tmp/name

To access the variable I know that I can do this $filepath

In my shell script I attempted to do something like this (The back ticks are intended)

`tail -1 $`

This line fails, duuh! because the variable is not called $

How do I append to the variable name? Please note that back ticks are intended for the expression evaluation








_ is a valid character in identifiers. Dot is not, so the shell tried to interpolate $filepath_newstap.

You can use set -u to make the shell exit with an error when you reference an undefined variable.

Use curly braces around the variable name:

`tail -1 ${filepath}`

In bash: tail -1 ${filepath}

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