Clojure Passing List Variables

I am trying to pass a list of variables into a function individually however when i try to pass them the function returns nill.

(map (partial shortestPath G) (first Robot)(second Robot))

I tested the bits of code individually and (first Robot) and (second Robot) don't work as i intended them too they currently return and output like so[[:space]].

What i need them to return is just :Space. How would i go about doing this?



(def ItemPickUp [:Space :Mail])
(def ItemDestinations [:Storage :z2])
(def Robot [[ItemPickUp] [ItemDestinations]])
(map (partial shortestPath G) (first Robot)(second Robot))


I managed to solve the problem i needed to use flatten like so

(map (partial shortestPath G) (flatten (first Robot))(flatten(second Robot)))

giving me the desired output

(flatten (first Robot))
(:Mail :d2)

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