Does IE6 support any HTML5 elements?

Does IE6 support any HTML5 elements?



It barely supports HTML4.... ha :)

No it doesn't without some fancy Javascript HTML5 emulating script type-of-thing.


Such as this one.

It depends on what you mean by "HTML5 elements." In that most tags commonly used on the Web are included as part of HTML5, yes, it supports the vast majority of HTML5.

If you mean new elements introduced in HTML5 that had never been used before, no, it supports none of them, because HTML 4 was cutting-edge when IE6's HTML parser was created.

No it doesn't, but you can still use HTML 5 elements and style them using CSS by using Modernizr

This will also add classes to the html element describing what functionality is available in the current browser.

The answer is no. =)

It does in the same way that all other versions of IE < 9 do, if you use the html5 shiv script. My site is in HTML5 and works fine in IE6, althoguh slightly differently. Sure if you turn off JavaScript it won't work, but if you're using IE6 and you have JavaScript turned off I'm afraid I'm not that worried about you as you're such a minority.

Ha ha yeah right. IE6 gives enough grief with HTML 4 as well as CSS, let alone HTML 5. Which is a shame if you are wanting to use HTML5 but have to make your website compatible with IE6 due to the client (where I work they often use IE5...I don't even want to go there).

No. Only because of the 15 character limit, let me add, if you want to use HTML 5 I would not recommend worrying about IE6 compatibility. The workarounds and hacks etc. you need to use to make things look the same on IE6 as they would on any modern browser are not worth the time.

The great thing about HTML+CSS is that it can degrade gracefully. Practice on that, and you can create a site that is wonderful on a modern browser, and on IE 6 looks nice, functions, and does not give the appearance of being "broken" or "missing" anything, even though it won't have the fancy stuff other people are seeing.

you can use fake tags using javascript:

Creating the new elements with JavaScript

Working in jQuery is cool and all, but as it turns out, there is a built in function to JavaScript to deal with creating new elements:


Actually, (surprise, surprise!) IE5.5 implemented this ruby tag element that was originally defined in the HTML5 specification, and not one peep or reference to any ruby element in the HTML4 specification,.

Wow Microsoft! You really know how to waste your resources creating an obscure HTML5 tag instead of fixing the broken box model, let alone trying to better support even HTML4, let alone trying to fix the hundreds of thousands of security breaches. Just wow!

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