Rails 3 AJAX remote form call backs

I'm upgrading from rails 2.3.8 to 3.0.0, so I need to replace the remote_form_for helper calls with form_for(@object, :remote=>true).

I've been following along with Simone Carletti but I cant seem to get the ajax callbacks from rails.js to fire.

My generated HTML is:

<form accept-charset="UTF-8" action="/vendor_shipments" class="new_vendor_shipment" data-remote="true" id="formname" method="post">

The javascript I'm testing with:

   alert('document ready');
      .bind('ajax:loading', function() {alert("loading!");})
      .bind('ajax:success', function(data, status, xhr) {alert("success!");})
      .bind('ajax:failure', function(xhr, status, error) {alert("failure!");})
      .bind('ajax:complete', function() {alert("complete!");});

The 'document ready' alert fires, and the ajax request is successfully executed (data is posted to the server), but none of the 'ajax:____' callbacks fire.

What am I doing wrong?

(for what it's worth, the form itself is loaded via ajax)


Wow, that was a colossal waste of an evening.

Doing it the way I did, the default prototype rails.js won't linkup the callbacks.

After converting to the jQuery based rails.js (http://github.com/rails/jquery-ujs) callbacks are working fine.

You can trigger the Prototype-based callbacks like so:

$('formname').observe('ajax:before', function(){

$('formname').observe('ajax:complete', function(request){

However, I don't think the request object in the ajax:complete callback contains the response. I'm used to jQuery and had hoped that accessing the response would be simple. Instead, it looks like switching to jQuery-Rails may still be easier, as I can't seem to find drop-in Prototype code to replace the :update functionality from Rails 2 remote helpers.

If the accepted answer don't fixed your problem, check if you have embedded multiple jQuery libraries. In my case I had two different version of jQuery embedded and after removing one of them, everything worked fine.

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