Get full path without filename from path that includes filename

Is there anything built into System.IO.Path that gives me just the filepath?

For example, if I have a string


is there any BCL method that will give me



Path.GetDirectoryName()... but you need to know that the path you are passing to it does contain a file name; it simply removes the final bit from the path, whether it is a file name or directory name (it actually has no idea which).

You could validate first by testing File.Exists() and/or Directory.Exists() on your path first to see if you need to call Path.GetDirectoryName


Path.GetDirectoryName() returns the directory name, so for what you want (with the trailing reverse solidus character) you could call Path.GetDirectoryName(filePath) + Path.DirectorySeparatorChar.

    string fileAndPath = @"c:\webserver\public\myCompany\configs\promo.xml";

    string currentDirectory = Path.GetDirectoryName(fileAndPath);

    string fullPathOnly = Path.GetFullPath(currentDirectory);

Use 'GetParent()' as shown, works nicely. Add error checking as you need.

var fn = openFileDialogSapTable.FileName;
var currentPath = Path.GetFullPath( fn );
currentPath = Directory.GetParent(currentPath).FullName;

I used this and it works well:

string[] filePaths = Directory.GetFiles(Path.GetDirectoryName(dialog.FileName));

foreach (string file in filePaths)
    if (comboBox1.SelectedItem.ToString() == "")
        if (file.Contains("c"))

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