How do I rename a gemset?

Is there an RVM command to simply rename a gemset? I couldn't find it on the RVM site.


There is an RVM gemset rename command. I'm not sure when it was introduced but it is present in 1.0.16.

rvm gemset rename current_gemset_name new_gemset_name

As of RVM 1.21 or higher it will automatically switch you to the newly renamed gemset.

If you are on an older version of RVM you'll also need to switch to the newly created gemset, as follows:

rvm gemset use new_gemset_name

Running the command rvm gemset list will tell you the current gemset you are operating within.

I copied one with

rvm gemset copy <gemset_from> <gemset_dest>

and then deleted the previous one with

rvm gemset delete <gemset_from> 

It's a RVM bug!

Solved in this pull request: Commit:

If you get the error that your gemset doesn't exist, but it exist you have to chose appropriate ruby version!

For example, if you have gemset ree@something-x and you current rvm (rvm current) is ruby-1.9.3-p194 then you have to execute

rvm use ree

and then

rvm gemset rename something-x something-y

It works with rvm version 1.16.17

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